17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Eldon W. Akins - Roll of Honor

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Eldon W. Akins

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company Unknown Rank: Private (Private First Class by Temp. Burial info)Born: 8/25/1921
Photo of Eldon W. Akins

Biographical Info

Location where Eldon W. Akins lived in 1930 as a 9-year old boy, Oklahoma, Westville, Adaire, Williams Ave 86:

Location grave Private Eldon W. Akins:

Where was Private Eldon W. Akins killed in action:
During phase: Phase I – The “Break-Through”

Combat Command ”A” was to be the divisional’s big stick in the coming operation, so had an Engineer Company assigned to each of its columns. Co. ”A” on the right and Co. ”C” on the left. Co. ”B” was with the Combat Command ”B” and Co. ”D” with the 82nd Rcn Bn. After a long march from the La Mine area, the companies proceeded in column to Pont Herbert and vicinity 25 July, where after a terrific bombardment of the enemy lines a little south, the Infantry Divisions pushed off and were shortly afterwards followed by our armoured columns. Bomb craters were everywhere, and Engineer platoons and bull dozers kept forward fixing roads or making by-passes through the hedgerow; also sweeping for mines. Proceeding through Saint- Gilles and Canisy, the right column of CC. ”A” was pulling into bivouac near Le Mesnil Herman 27 July.

“The BSO (Battalion Signals Officer), Captain Thomas W. Kelly, Jr. and two men from Headquarters Company were killed together by enemy bombing near Pont Herbert, France, 28 July”

(Source: 17th Armored Engineer Battalion Unit History)

Our research revealed that the other two man, (no namens mentioned in the Unit History)  who were killed are: Staffsergeant Roy Basham and Captain Thomas Wallace Kelly Jr.


Official Deathlist

Eldon W Akins deathlist detail

Eldon W. Akins deathlist detail

Temporary grave La Cambe, Normandy France

Eldon W Akins Temporary Burial

Eldon W Akins Temporary Burial

Eldon W Akins Burial Entry detail

Eldon W Akins Burial Entry detail

Eldon W Akins Burial Entry detail

Household where Eldon W. Akins lived in 1930 as a 9-year old boy, Oklahoma, Westville, Adaire, Williams Ave 86:

CENSUS 1930 Household family Role Gender Age Birthplace
Emma J Akins Head F 49 Oklahoma
Andrew T Akins Son M 15 Oklahoma
Eldon W Akins Son M 8 Oklahoma
Julia E. Ellis Roomer* F 48 Arkansas
*Person who rents a room in the Household

Enlistment details
Race: White
Birth:  25 Aug 1921 in Westville, Adair, Oklahoma, United States
Residence: Lassen County, California
Height 70 inch
Weight 144 lbs
Civilian Occupation: Construction occupations, n. e. c
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Education: 3 Years of High School
Citizenship:  Status U.S. Citizen
Rank: Private
Enlistment Location: Sacramento
Enlistment Date: June 30, 1942
Enlistment Term: Enlistment for duration of War plus six months

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Text © by: Martijn Brandjes


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