17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War 2

Letters year 1943

More letters will be posted and transcribed in 2019!

Letters from Ernest Struble during active service with

Company E, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion,

2nd Armored Division



Army Examiner 

The letters were examined by the Army Examiner, that was the platoon commander of Company C, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion: 2nd Lieutenant Edwin E Spears


Letters written adressed to:

The letters start with adressing to “Russie” who is his 6 years older brother Russel, and then “Jack” that comes from Josephine, his Sister-in-Law. The name “Pearl” could be the child of Russel and Josephine. 


Letters PFC Willian E Struble from the year 1943


Letter 25-03-1943


William Ernest Struble 250343

William Ernest Struble 250343

William Ernest Struble 250343

William Ernest Struble 250343


Pvt. Wm. E. Struble


Co. C, 17th Armd. Engr. Bn,

A.P.O. 252, c/o postmaster

New York City, N.Y.

Mr. & Mr.s, Russell C. Struble

             Mickleys R.F.D. #1,




Edwin E. Spears

   2nd Lt, C.E



   March 21, 1943

                                                                                                        Somewhere in Arica

Dear Jack, Pearl, & Russie:

 Received your letter dated Mar. 2nd. yes-

terday. I am fine & dandy – hope you all

Are the same. Thanks a lot for the

picture of Jack, Russie & the dogs. Say what’s

the matter – can’t they smile a little bit!

Russie, the answer to your questions is

no. No hits, no misses. You can forget

about the pistols. I don’t have any yet hit

I’ll get one. (I hope!)

I’ve seen some dandy curved scimitars. Pearl

you’d go nuts over them. I won’t get any ‘til

after the war tho’. Then I’ll be more certain

of bringing them back!

                                    Love, Ernie

(Transcribed by E. Wijshake)