17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Letters year 1943 PFC James Patrick O’Dwyer

Letters written by James Patrick O’Dwyer in 1943 when he was in active service with

Company E, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion,

2nd Armored Division


Letters James Patrick O’Dwyer from the year 1943


Letter 12-31-1943

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Enveloppe O’ Dwyer

Letter page 1 O' Dwyer

Letter page 1 O’ Dwyer

Letter page 1 O' Dwyer

Letter page 2+3 O’ Dwyer


December 31, 1943


Dearest Maxine,

This is the last day of 43.

Tomerrow is the beginning of a new year.           

The first year was good for me,

A have a lot to be thankful for.

One is that i still have you, and

I know that whatever should

happen in the new year of ‘44, will

be for the best. It seem as though

big things are surely to hapenin

this new year to come. things that

might make us both happey, and

in time bring us together one more, to be toghether always and never to gain part.

I have a tenable cold darling.

This place is so damp that one couldn’t manage to live without having a cold.



As I sit here dying with the cold,

I can just about say what you

are thinking, but will overlook it.

Yes I think a good drink would

help. but that is sat. You will haf to

drink it for me.

Tomerrows New Years, oh what

coulden’t we be doing just now

if we were together. Well there will

be a new years’that we will be.

At this minute it is so quit here

that thingin (thinking) sounds as if it were

a greaher or something.

I have your picture here my

darling, that relieves me much just

to know  that iIcan see you, even

though  I cannot be with you

What are you doing just now?

Don’t tell me, I can imagin. Make

the  last one for me.



How is everyone at home. Mom, Pap,

Bill and Violia, they are probely all

are celebrating.

Darling this must be the last

page, found  to believe I am just about

out of ink.

Tomorrow a working day again you now the army likes to start

the New Year off night, so we will

work in New Years.

So tomorrow i will write you

an other letter so as to start the

New year off with a bang. Right.

Well us Father Time  said lights

of, so ends another year.

Im closing wishing all a “happey

New year, and may the new year of

43 (44) bring us together,- good night

My dear.- kiss, kiss,kiss.

Tell mom I send my love.




Envelope: 04-01-1944

    4 jan 1944

P.F.C James P.O. Dwyer (35251292)                                                                                                     

Co. E 17th Armored Engr. Bn. A.P.O. 252

% Postmaster New York N.Y


Miss. Maxine Marie Steep

323 So. Bedford

Evansville (9) Ind.



(Army Post Office)  04 JAN 1944.

(Transcribed by Marco Dolleman, corrected by Martijn Brandjes)