17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Bridgecrossings Year 1944 by the 17th Arm. Eng. Batt.

The rivercrossings by the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion 1944

The 17th Armored Engineer Battalion build many bridges during the different campaigns, as can made out by the After Action reports and the Unit History of the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion. In following pages we made an overview of the brigdgecrossings with all that is known, trough Germany many bridges were build and some of these actions led to Awards and citiations and several casualties. 

  1. M2 Treadway bridge across “the Seine at Meulan, France august 28-30 august 1944

  2. Treadway bridge across the “Albert Canal”, at Hasselt, Belgium on Sept 12, 1944

  3. 140 DD Bailey bridge across the “Albert Canal”, at Canne, Belgium on Sept 15, 1944

  4. Constructed by: 17th Armored Engineer, Company “B” Date: 18 Sept, Build in time: 1,5 hours Place: Geleenbeek near Veasrade/ Nuth, Holland, Length: 60 Foot

 Sweating the Elbe Germany, Musée du Souvenir 40-45 – www.museedusouvenir.be

Sweating the Elbe Germany Source: Musée du Souvenir 40-45 – www.museedusouvenir.be