17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Re-enactment US

Re-enactment Group 2nd World War

Portraying: U.S. 2nd Armored Division, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion

The Second World War group is part of the multi-period re-enactment association Mars, the Dutch Association for Military Living History.
The basic portrayal that we do is the: United States,Second Armored Division, 17th Engineer Battalion, B-Company.

The group is very active and consists of a relative large number of members. They all have a separate contribution to make the representation complete and authentic.
For example, we have members who own original (engineer) vehicles, and who can build a complete radio and telephone section to name a few.
We are always busy during the events, constantly working on exercises, tactical movements, weapon knowledge and maintenance, radio procedures, everything to get the portrayal authentic. Each member has basic equipment consisting of clothing, GI tent and additional accessories.
Together we display and act as an authentic group at events. Each member ensures that his own equipment looks good and that the camp is real.
Within the working group, the military ranks and rules apply and we act accordingly.

Photo albums of the events in which the re-enactment working group WW2, 17th Engineer Battalion participated: Photo albums shot and made available by Rick van Nooij. 

Photo albums

Rivercrossing at Bettendorf Luxemburg re-enactment in 2020 in coörporation with the Pontoongroup 40-45 

Impression re-enactment events over the years

Want to join?

To become a member of our re-ecntment group, your minimum age must be 18 years of age, the first year an aspiring member is accompanied by a mentor and after one year one can become a full member.
We guide the new members with advice on purchasing uniforms and equipment, weapons etc, and on the representation and authenticity and everything else that comes with the hobby.
In addition to re-enactment, we also maintain contacts with veterans, conduct research into the backgrounds of the 17th Engineers, and participate in commemorations.

If you are interested send a message: Click here!