17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

First name : Unknown Feldman - Roll of Honor

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First name : Unknown Feldman

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company B Rank: PrivateBorn: Unknown
Photo of First name : Unknown Feldman

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The location of the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion around January 9, 1945

The companies were spread out widely during these days. The area where the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion were active the day before was at the area around the villages Amonines, Odeigne and Dochamps.  From that position the Combat Command B starting to attack to the south, objective to capture the town of Samree.

Where was Private Feldman gone missing?

Campaign: The Ardennes campaign; second phase.

Source: Book: Hells on Wheels 1942 – 1945 by Donald E. Houston (edited):

“Combat Command A attacked Samree by the Dochamps-Samree road. The gained some ground and destroyed Mark IV tanks, at one point when the fog lifted there were 5 Mark V tanks at 400 yards in frot of them. Because they didt have tanks and a shortage of bazookas the halted the asault.
Combat Command B plannend a second attack om Samree January 9. Division Artillery shelled the town all night, expanding 12,514 rounds. The town was defended bij an estimated infantry of 300 infantry, reinforced bij Mark V tanks. They started the attack on the east flank of Samree. Combat Command B worked with two Taskforces, Taskforce X and Y.
They headed for the German roadblock as General Hinds ordered them to remove it. The began to reduce the roadblock slowly but systematiclly. Working under direct and heavy artillery fire, the Engineers and infantryman removed first the mines and boobytraps, then the logs and trees which were holding up the advance. By 0:500 PM with the roadblock overcome, the advance resumed until dark, and plannend to resume the attack the following morning.”

After action report of january 9, 1945 states:

Rcn make reconnaissance of the proposed MSR. Cleared out road blocks and mines. Forced to withdraw because of snipers and artillery.
Private Feldman missing”.
(source: 17th Armored Unit History)


The unit records tells us that Private Feldman was part of:  2nd Armored Division, Combat Command “B”, Taskforce “X” ; the Combat Command that had to clear the road of the roadblock and mines. The 17th Engineers were part of Taskforce X with “Company B” of the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion.

Private Feldman from Company B, must have went Missing in Action during the “the heavy and direct Artillery fire” they encountered on clearing the roadblock.
The reason why he is depicted as “missing” is most likely because his body was destroyed during artillery, and no remains were ever found.

The location where Private Feldman got Missed in Action during the artillery bombardement on the January 9, 1945 at the south side road to Samree, Belgium:

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