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Fred J Blevins

17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div – A Company Rank: Technician 5th GradeBorn: 01/01/1919 Tennessee

Awards and Citations: Purple Heart
Enlisted: 10/28/1940
Deceased: 07/27/1944 KIA (Killed in action)
Location: Normandy, St. Lo region, France
Hometown: Charlton County, Georgia
Army Serial Number: 14032332
Burial: Taylor Place Cemetary
Fentress County
Tennessee, USA
Plot: Unknown
GPS (lat/lon): 36°23’14.8″N 84°56’11.8″W

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Photo of Fred J Blevins

Biographical Info

Technician 5th Grade Fred J Blevins

Fred J. Blevins (1919 1944

Gravestone Fred J. Blevins (1919 1944)

Gravestone Fred J Blevins

Photos of 5th Grade Fred J Blevins

Fred J. Blevins (1919 1944)

Fred J. Blevins (1919 1944)

Location Grave of Technician 5th Grade Fred J Blevins:

(Taylor Cemetery , Jamestown, Fentress County, Tennesee, United States)

Location where TEC 5 Fred J. Blevins lived as an Truckdriver in the mining industry in the year 1940:

Where was TEC 5 Fred J. Blevins killed in Action?

Phase: Phase I – The “Break-Through”

The “application for a headstone or marker” tells us that Fred J Blevins served in Company A, that is essential to give a good lead on when and where he might have been killed.
But there is some more info on where the 17th Engineers were involved in action ont the date that Fred J. Blevins died.


On july 25th the company D and B were south of Pont Herbert, Normandy, sweeping mines and filling bomb craters on roads and making by-passes through hedgerows for the armored columns. Company A and Company C were heading for Canisy and St Gilles.Company A was pulling in bivouac near Les Mesnil-Herman on july the 27th when a heavy incoming artillery barrage killed Capt. Cecil E. McHahan and five man of Company A, and wounded several others.” 

(Source: 17th Armored Engineer Battalion Unit History.)


Combat Command B was with Company B (from the 17th Engineers) preparing an assault on Pont Brocard, Notre Dame le Cenilly, area around Legronne and Cambernon.
The roads were mined and some roads were in bad shape as a result of the bombing, during the night of july 26th on 27th the Engieers worked to remove mines and to make the passable.

(Source: Book “Hell on Wheels, the 2nd Armored Division by Donald E Houston,  1977.)


Although not confirmed, it is verly likely that TEC 5 Fred J. Blevins was one of the five man of Company A who were killed with Capt. Cecil E. McHahan, during the artillery bombardment at Le Mesnil-Herman on 27th of july 1944.

Location where TEC 5 Fred J. Blevins was killed (supposably) Les Mesnil-Herman, Normandy France:


“Application card for headstone of marker”

Headstone application card Fred J Blevins.

Headstone application card Fred J Blevins.


“Official Last Will”

The last will of Fred J Blevins

The last will of Fred J Blevins

BOOK 16 page 689


I, Fred J. Blevins, being of sound and disposing
mind and memory, but realizing the uncertainty of live and the
certainty of death, do make this my lost will and testament,
hereby disposing of all the property and estate of which I may
die seized or possessed, hereby ravoking any and all wills
heretofore made by me.
         And first:
I desire that my body be given a decent burrial
and my last resting place be marked by a substantial stone, with
my name, the date of my birth and my death thereon, all of° which
I leave to the good judgement of my executor herein named.
I desire that all of my just debts, if any, be paid
and to that end I charge all of my property and estate.
        All or the rest and residue of my property and es-
tate, consisting of realy and personal property, o whatsover
kind, I give, devise and bequeath to my wife Kathleen Blevins,
to have and to hold in fee simple forever.
       I hereby nominote and appoint my wife, Kathleen
Blevins, as and for may executor, and direct that no bond be re-
quired of her as such.
       WITNESS my hand and seal this the 13th day of April,
Fred J Blevins . (SEAL)
             Signed, sealed, published and declared by Fred J.
Blevins, as and for his last will and testament, in the presents
of us, “who in his presets, at his request, and in the presents
of each other, have signed our names as witnesses hereto.
          This 13th day of April, 1944.
          WN Rogers
          L.B. Martin

(Transcribed: Martijn Brandjes 2020)

Official Casualtylist, Fentress County, Tennessee

Casualtylist - Fentress County Tennessee

Casualtylist – Fentress County Tennessee detail

Casualtylist - Fentress County Tennessee

Casualtylist – Fentress County Tennessee

Temporary Grave at St. Mere Eglise, Normandy, France on 28th july 1944

red J. Blevins (1919 1944) Temporary Grave

Fred J. Blevins (1919 1944) Temporary Grave

Household with the family where TEC 5 Fred J. Blevins lived as an Truckdriver in the mining industry in the year 1940:
(Jamestown, Tennessee, United States)

CENSUS 1940 Household family Role Gender Age Birthplace
Lizzie Blevins Head M 57 Tennessee
Fred Blevins Son M 21 Tennessee
Emma Blevins Daughter F 19 Tennessee
Thomas Blevins Son M 17 Tennessee
Doris Blevins Grandchild F 3 Tennessee


Enlistment details:

Race: White
Birth: 1919 at Tennessee
Residence: Charlton County, Georgia
Height: 67 inch
Weight: 130 Lbs
Civilian Occupation: Crop specialty farmers
In the Sensus it states that he was a Truckdriver in the mining industry
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Education: Grammar School
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Rank: Private
Enlistment date: 12/8/ 1940
Enlistment location: Fort MCPeherson Atlanta Georgia
Enlistment for Hawaiian Department


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