17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Bill William Henry Lejeune Bobo - Roll of Honor

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Bill William Henry Lejeune Bobo

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company Unknown Rank: PrivateBorn: 11/13/1924, Texas
Photo of Bill William Henry Lejeune Bobo

Biographical Info

Location grave Private Bill Bobo:

Where did Private William Henry Lejeune Bobo die?

Private William Henry Lejeune Bobo is stated as an “Died Non-battle”. No further information is known about how he died, but because he was in active service during the war he deserves a place in the Roll of Honor.

Detail Deathlist

Deathlist Bill Bobo dertail

Deathlist Bill Bobo detail

Deathlist Bill Bobo dertail

Deathlist Bill Bobo dertail

Where did  (Bill) William Henry Lejeune Bobo lived as an 5 year old boy in the year 1930?

Bill Bobo lived at an “Sawmill Bobo”, wich was owned by his family, we can also read in the Sensus from 1930, that the the occupation of the man are “Laborers Sawmill”.
There was not an street named at the family’s house, but it just stated “Sawmill Bo-Bo” so it must have been a well known place.

The excact location of the Sawmill is not known but this location is correct: Precinct 1, Douglass, Nacogdoches, Texas, United States. (source: US Sensus 1930)


Who were other people/ family living in the same Household around the sawmill in the year 1930?

Name Relationship too the head of the household Age
John Henry Bobo Father; head of Household 39 years
Fannie E Jackson – Bobo Wife 39 years
Jim E Bobo Son 16 years
Agnes Bobo Daughther 15 years
Cleo Bobo Son 12 years
Victor Bobo Son 8 years
Vester Bobo Son 9 years
Melvin Bobo Son 8 years
Bill Wiliam Lejuene Bobo Son 5 years


Enlistment details

Race: White
Birth: 10/13/1924, Texas
Residence: Nacogdoches County, Texas
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Civilian Occupation: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Rank: Private
Enlistment date: Unknown
Enlistment location: Unknown
Enlistment Term: Unknown

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