17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Amado P Castro - Roll of Honor

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Amado P Castro

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company Unknown Rank: PrivateBorn: 06/30/1919
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Biographical Info

Private Amado P Castro

Private Amado P Castro

Location grave Private Amado P. Castro at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum, California: 

Where was Private Amado P. Castro killed in action/ died of wounds?


We do not know what Company Private Amado P. Castro served in during th 4th of august 1944. Normally it can be found on the Headstone application card, but unfortunatly it states “US Army Ground Forces”.

During the 4th of august 1944, Combat Command A and B were both active and Companies of the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion were assigned to them.
Combat Command A:  Company A, C Datachment Company E, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion.
Combat Command B:  Datachment Company E, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion.

Phase: Phase I – The “Break-Through


COMBAT COMMAND “A” maintained its telling offensive southward as operations moved into a new phase of encirclement. The Germans were driven out of Normandy in spite of an all-out offensive which their leaders conceived to cut through the American lines west of Mortain and smash to the sea at Avranches. After the CC “A” capture of Tessy Sur Vire the enemy was forced to pull back east of the Vire River in the CC “A” sec­tor. Combat Command “B” re-entered the attack to exploit the breakthrough on 2 August, reaching Margue­ray that day and pressing on to St. Sever Calvados and penetrated deep into Foret de St. Sever before being relieved. Colonel Thomas A. Roberts, Division Artillery Commander, was killed in the action around St. Sever, while acting as forward observer for his artillery. Then on 7 August came a swift tactical maneuver, an “end run” west of St. Sever, south to St. Hilaire and then east to Barenton, where Division armor and infantry, after a 50-mile march, struck the enemy on his vulner­able south flank.

Book, A history of the 2nd United States Armored Division 1940 – 1946 by The Battery Press


During the night of August 3-4, the 2d Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, was attached to Combat Command A. Since attachments usually indicated the tankers were about to reenter the battle, they were alerted to be ready to attack at 6:00 A.M. on August 4.

Gen. Charles Corlett, commanding general of XIX Corps, ordered the attack continued, hoping to defeat a fleeing enemy. The 28th and 29th. Infantry Divisions each had a combat command of the 2d Armored at­tached to support the corp’s advance southward toward Vire. The 2d Armored, which came under XIX Corps control at noon on August 2, was ordered to be ready to resume operations any time after 6:00 P.M. Seventy minutes later, at 1:10, the division was placed on a two-hour alert. Brooks was ordered to begin movement at 4:00 to secure the corps objective—generally the high ground between St. Sever Calvados and Vire and that south of that line.

Combat Command B, on the southwest flank of the corps zone, was assigned to capture St. Sever Calvados. After moving through Ville­baudon and Percy, it crossed the Vire River, heading south into enemy territory. The Reconnaissance Company, 67th Armor, leading the tank elements, made good progress until it reached a roadblock west of Mar­gueray, which was defended by several 88mm antitank guns.

The main body of Combat Command B had moved from bivouac areas near Notre Dame le Cenilly and had covered about thirteen miles before coming under extremely heavy artillery, antitank, mortar and tank fire from Le Chefrense, about 11/2 miles northwest of Margueray.

The tankers tried to reach the crossroads that were holding up the reconnaissance platoon but could not force the Germans out of their positions with air and artillery. The battallion consolidated for the night. west of Margueray. During the night, the Germans pulled out of theirpositions and infantry patrols moved on to the high ground without opposition. The Reconnaissance Company, 67th Armored, went into Montbray. finding that the enemy had just departed. The following morning, (august 5th)

Combat Com­mand B resumed its attack to capture St. Sever Calvados. Heavy resis­tance from enemy rear guard units, mines and log roadblocks continued.


Source: Book: Hell on Wheels, the 2nd Armored Division by Donald E Houston, 1977.


During the period 2 to 6 August an attack was launched in the direction of Vire and Saint Sever Calvados. Co. ”C” was released from CC. ”A” to Bn, however the 2nd Platoon was attached to the 113thCavalry from reconnaissance operations in the vicinity of Vire. (Capt. Hazen was injured 5 August, and 1st Lt. Francis Crimmins assumed command of Co. ”A”)

(source: 17th Armored unit History)


Private Amado P. Castro was probably active during the mission with CCA or CCB, to attack Vire and Saint Sever Calvados, during the heavy fighting he was Killed in Action.


Location where Private Amado P. Castro was killed in action/ died of wounds:

Official casualty list

Official Casualtylist California st Barbara Amando P Castro detail

Official Casualtylist California st Barbara Amando P Castro detail

California st Barbara Amando P Castro

California st Barbara Amando P Castro

Temporary grave at Marigny #1 in Normandy, France on august 5,  1944

Temporary Grave Marigny- Castro Amando P.

Temporary Grave Marigny- Castro Amando P.


Headstone Application Card

The location where mother Tomasa F. Castro lived in 1948 as stated on the Headstone Application Card:
124 N Quarantina St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, United States

The location of the house in the year where Private Amado P. Castro lived with the family, in 1930 as an 10 year old  son:
Adress: 815 North Sydney Drive, Los Angeles, Californië, United States


US Sensus 1930

Amado Castro

United States Census, 1930
Name Amado Castro
Event Type Census
Event Date 1930
Event Place Belvedere, Los Angeles, California, United States
Gender Male
Age 10
Marital Status Single
Race Mexican
Race (Original) Mexican
Relationship to Head of Household Son
Relationship to Head of Household (Original) Son
Birth Year (Estimated) 1920
Birthplace California
Father’s Birthplace Mexico
Mother’s Birthplace Mexico
Donaciano Castro Head M 49 Mexico
Tomasa Castro Wife F 29 Mexico
Fidenso Castro Son M 12 Texas
Amado Castro Son M 10 California
Yravel Castro Daughter F 8 California
Francisco Castro Son M 7 California
Alejandrina Castro Daughter F 4 California
Pedro Rios Boarder M 70 Mexico
Donaciano Castro Male 49 Married Mexican Head 1881 Mexico 1916 Mexico Mexico
Tomasa Castro Female 29 Married Mexican Wife 1901 Mexico 1916 Mexico Mexico A 27
Fidenso Castro Male 12 Single Mexican Son 1918 Texas Mexico Mexico A 27
Amado Castro Male 10 Single Mexican Son 1920 California Mexico Mexico A 27
Yravel Castro Female 8 Single Mexican Daughter 1922 California Mexico Mexico A 27
Francisco Castro Male 7 Single Mexican Son 1923 California Mexico Mexico A 27
Alejandrina Castro Female 4 Single Mexican Daughter 1926 California Mexico Mexico A 27
Pedro Rios Male 70 Single Mexican Boarder 1860 Mexico 1903 Mexico Mexico A 27

Father Donaciano Castro imigrated in 1916 from Mexico and worked as a “Tanner” in “Leather Tannery” and spoke Spanish.


Enlistment details

Amado P Castro

United States World War II Army Enlistment Records
Name Amado P Castro
Name (Original) CASTRO AMADO P
Event Type Military Service
Event Date 20 Oct 1942
Term of Enlistment Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Event Place San Francisco, California, United States
Race White
Citizenship Status citizen
Birth Year 1919
Education Level 1 year of high school
Civilian Occupation Unskilled construction occupations, n.e.c.
Marital Status Single, with dependents
Military Rank Private
Army Branch Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
Army Component Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source Reference Civil Life
Serial Number 39110580
Affiliate ARC Identifier 1263923
Box Film Number 13926.158



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