17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Frederick J Hartig - Roll of Honor

Frederick J Hartig

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company Unknown Rank: Private First ClassBorn: 1923
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Location grave Private First Class Frederick J. Hartig at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial:










Where was Private First Class Frederick J. Hartig died non-battle?

Phase: Phase III – Preparations for Entering the ETO

Company A and B

The troops that took an active part in the campaign moved into a rest and training area to the east of Palermo. Companies “A” and “B” of the Engineers entered an olive grove bivouac west of Capaci 26 July, where a provisional battalion was set up under Lt Col. John Chambers.

During the next month companies were busy removing and exploding mines from numerous minefields – one of more than 700 mines being lifted by Co. “A” on the Capaci Torretta road. Road reconnaissance, the preparation of road bypasses, the construction of PW cages and assistance in preparing & divisional cemetery were among the tasks assigned.

Battalion Headquarters and D and D Company

In the mean time, Bn Hq and Companies “C’ and “D” had remained in North Africa as part of the divisional reserve during the Sicilian fighting. Leaving the quads from the line companies near Port aux Poules under the command of Major Swiech and Capt. Bentley, the headquarters elements marched between July 15 and 20 to a bivouac area six miles southwest of Bizerte, Tunisia. Both sections were expecting to load onto ships any day to join the division in Sicily but the campaign ended with them still among the“Arabs”. Considerable time was spent in athletics. Both sections were near the beach, so swimming was enjoyed daily in the Mediterranean. In the divisional softball league that was organised in Tunisia the Engineer team, managed by 1st Lt. Novotny, won the championship and celebrated with a feast in the splendour of a famous resort at Bone. Finally on 30 Sept. the forward detachment packed up and began the match back to Algeria.


We do not know what Company that Private First Class Frederick J. Hartig served in, and there are no notes in the after action reports.
As can be read above he could have been in around the Capaci – Torretta road in Sicily, Italy, or Port aux Poules or Bizerte, Tunisia.

Location where Private First Class Frederick J. Hartig died non-battle:

Capaci – Torretta road in Sicily

Port aux Poules or Bizerte, Tunisia

Official casualty list

Detail Deathlist Bay County Michigan

Detail Deathlist Bay County Michigan

Headstone Application Card

Headstone Card Frederick Hartig

Headstone Card Frederick Hartig

The location of the house in the year where Frederick J. Hartig lived with the family, as a 6  year old:
Adress: 603 North Farragut Street, Bay City, Michigan, U.S.

US Sensus 1930

Ruth Hartig Head F 27 Michigan
Ruth E Hartig Daughter F 8 Michigan
Frederick J Hartig Son M 6 Michigan


Edward W. Hartig

Mother: Ruth Hartig
Born: 1903

Sister: Ruth G. Hartig
Born: 1922

In 1930 Ruth Hartig was divorced and worked as a Salesgirl in General Merchandise.

Enlistment details

Frederick J Hartig

United States World War II Army Enlistment Records
Name Frederick J Hartig
Event Type Military Service
Event Date 07 Feb 1942
Term of Enlistment Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Event Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Race White
Citizenship Status citizen
Birth Year 1923
Birthplace MICHIGAN
Education Level 4 years of high school
Civilian Occupation Printing and publishing clerks, n.e.c
Marital Status Single, without dependents
Military Rank Private
Army Branch Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA






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