17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Andy Pasztorcsak/ Pasturick - Roll of Honor

Andy Pasztorcsak/ Pasturick

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company – B Rank: PrivateBorn: 11/2/1908
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Biografische informatie


The name “Andy Pasturick” is used in de official enlistment records, but his real name is “Andy Pasztorcsak”. Both have the same Army Serial Number.
In the official records after his death they used the correct familyname.

Location grave Private Pasztorcsak:

Belle Vernon Cemetery, Tranquillity Lane, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Plot: SECTION 01 Lot 056 Grave 7

Where was Private Pasztorcsak killed in action on 14th of july 1943?

During the Sicilian Campaign,the first phase: “Operations of Company B”.

The 3rd Platoon placed a minefield on the forces east flank 12 July, where another tank battle was witnessed. Five Mark VI and two Mk IV tanks were knocked out in this operation against about an equal loss of our medium tanks. The 2nd Platoon went out to demolish the knocked-out tanks, but were driven back by artillery fire.

On 13 July the remainder of the company vehicles came ashore and the 3rd Platoon joined a Ranger Battalion and cleared six minefields on the road to Butera, searching several miles of road. The following day the 1st  Platoon re-laid a minefield en the east flank, and the 2nd Platoon joined the 3rd  Platoon in clearing the roads near Butera.

Lt. Col. Hurley, his driver Pvt. Pasztorcsak, and two officers from outside the battalion, Major Dreydopple and Lt. Mitchell, were in a jeep out on reconnaissance for a water point site near Butera the 14th of July, when the vehicle entered a minefield and the entire party was killed by exploding mines. Lt. Col. John Chambers was assigned to the Bn. two days later, and became Bn Commander and Division  Engineer.

(Source: 17th Armored Engineer Battalion Unit History)

Location where Private Pastrurczak got killed on 14th of july:

Casualtylist of  Private Andy Pastrurczak:

Pvt Andy Pasztorcsak Casualttlist Pennsilvania Westmoreland County

Pvt Andy Pasztorcsak Casualtylist Pennsilvania Westmoreland County

The house where Private Andy Pastrurczak lived before he went overseas:

937 Graham St, Belle Vernon, PA 15012, United States

Obituary Private Andy Pastrurczak:

Father Michael Pasztorcsak and the following brother and sisters,Michel,Jr.,of Monessen, Mrs.Anna Karlick of Monessen, Mrs.Mary Hollis of Belle Vernon, Mrs.William Hussar of Belle Vernon and Mrs. Sue Cyrnek of Charleroi.

Enlistment details

Andy Pasturick
Race White
Birth Year 1908
Age Group
31 – 35
Residence Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Height 66 in.
Weight 143 lbs.
Civilian Occupation Forging occupations in mechanical treatment to metals
Marital Status Single, without dependents
Grammar School
Citizenship Status U.S. Citizen

Service Details

Branch Immaterial or General Officers
Component Selectees

Enlistment Details

Enlistment Date April 30, 1942
Enlistment Term
Enlistment for duration of War plus six months
Army Serial Number



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