17th Armored Engineer Battalion in World War 2

17th Engineers during World War Two

Joseph F Masterson - Roll of Honor

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Joseph F Masterson

Unit: 17 Engr Bn 2nd Armd Div, Company B Rank: PrivateBorn: 1917
Photo of Joseph F Masterson

Biographical Info

Location grave Private Joseph F Masterson at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial:

Joseph F Masterson

Joseph F Masterson

Joseph F Masterson

Joseph F Masterson

Joseph F Masterson

Joseph F Masterson


















Where was Private Joseph F Masterson died-non battle?

Phase: Tidworth Barracks – England


Due to the change in climate and living conditions a large percent of the command suffered from bronchial troubles soon after arriving in England. Also recurrent Malaria caused much lost time throughout the entire period.

During the period 7 to 27 February 1944 the Bn went through a similar bridge training period at site on the southern coast near Wykes Regis. Here each company spent an average of four days constructing the floating tread way bridge under the most adverse conditions of tide, terrain, and weather. At the completion of this training everyone felt they could construct the tread way bridge under any possible conditions. The preparation of the Wykes Regis site was a very difficult task. This work was done by Capt. Rarick, Lt. Lindstrom, and the reconnaissance platoon of Hq Co. It was necessary to lease the area and the quarters from the British, to clear and existing beach defense minefield, construct a road to the building site and prepare the building site.

(Source: Unit History 17th Armored Engineer Battalion)


Private Joseph Masterson died in the line of duty, but not during a battle related cause. As can be read in the Unit History there was recurrent cases of Malaria wich can be fatal. Or Maybe he suffered Bronchial symptomes due to the climate change and lead to his death. This is likely have been the cause, but we cant tell for sure.

Location where Private Joseph F Masterson was died-non battle:

Wyke Regis, Weymouth, England


Official casualty list

Deathlist Pensylvania, philadelphia county Masterson Joseph F detail

Deathlist Pensylvania, philadelphia county Masterson Joseph F detail

Temporary Burial in England

Temporary Burial Masterson Joseph F detail

Temporary Burial Masterson Joseph F detail

The location of the house in the year where Private Joseph F Masterson lived with the family, as an 23 year old “Compositor for a printing establishment”:
Adress: 6533 Saybrook Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

US Sensus 1940

Name Joseph Masterson
Event Type Census
Event Date 1940
Event Place Ward 40, Philadelphia, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sex Male
Age 23
Marital Status Single
Race (Original) White
Race White
Relationship to Head of Household (Original) Son
Relationship to Head of Household Son
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Birth Year (Estimated) 1917
Last Place of Residence Same House
William Masterson Head M 56 Pennsylvania
Mary Masterson Wife F 47 Pennsylvania
James Masterson Son M 32 Pennsylvania
William Masterson Son M 27 Pennsylvania
Charles Masterson Son M 24 Pennsylvania
Joseph Masterson Son M 23 Pennsylvania
Marie Masterson Daughter F 14 Pennsylvania

The US Sensus tells us that Father William and Mother Mary did not have a occupation. Joseph worked as a “Compositor” at a Printing Establisment, his older brothers also had a job. His 14 years old little sister was still at school.

Enlistment details

Joseph F Masterson

United States World War II Army Enlistment Records
Name Joseph F Masterson
Event Type Military Service
Event Date 01 Jul 1941
Event Place Cp Lee, Virginia, United States
Race White
Citizenship Status citizen
Birth Year 1917
Education Level 2 years of high school
Marital Status Single, without dependents
Military Rank Private
Army Branch Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
Army Component Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source Reference Civil Life
Serial Number 33072246
Affiliate ARC Identifier 1263923
Box Film Number 06062.270



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